Whimsical World Book Club

Whimsical World Book Club by Children's Authors Sheri Fink and Derek Taylor Kent


Whimsical World Book Club is an exciting opportunity for students to connect with authors, promote literacy, inspire enthusiastic readers, and raise money for your school or classroom!

Much like a traditional book fair, students will receive fun activity pages that include word games and a catalog of titles for all ages. A percentage of proceeds from sales will be donated back to your school or classroom, and participation includes free virtual author visits, lesson plans for teachers, coloring pages, and exclusive discounts on books. Here’s how it works:

  1.    CHOOSE YOUR DATES. Book Club activities will take place over the course of a full week during which time there will be virtual author visits, in-person author visits (when safe), and promotions. Schools will typically plan readings of Whimsical World books during this time to get the kids excited about meeting the authors and will often do art projects centered around the books. (We even have lesson plans and coloring pages that go along with our books available for free on our website!)
  2.    SCHEDULE YOUR AUTHOR VISIT. As a special bonus for participating in the Book Club, Whimsical World authors Sheri Fink and Derek Taylor Kent will present free virtual visits over Zoom with your students. You can schedule up to three 15-20 minutes sessions for different classes, or one large 30-45 session for a large group. The presentations will showcase how we became authors, the importance of reading a writing, a brief reading from our books, and Q&A session.
  3.    REQUEST YOUR DISCOUNT CODE AND CATALOGS. Receive your exclusive discount code to give parents 10% off and track online orders to benefit your school. We created a fun and engaging catalog that has word-themed games, bright and colorful illustrations, and pictures and descriptions of every book and product for parents to order. We will send you a digital file that you can email to all the parents and we can also send you print copies upon request. Just let us know how many you will need. Once received, please hand out to all participating students and let the fun begin!
  4. Whimsical World Book Club by Children's Authors Sheri Fink and Derek Taylor Kent

  5.    PROMOTE IT! Whimsical World will send you a Teacher Toolkit including suggested content to email to parents to make sure they are aware of the Book Club and how it will benefit students and your school. We suggest sending out at least two emails – one before the Book Club week begins along with the digital catalog, and a reminder before the final day to make sure their orders are placed on time.
  6.    COLLECT ORDERS. For parents who will be paying by check, make sure all students have turned in their order forms to their teacher along with an attached check to Whimsical World LLC by the assigned due date. Parents will also have the option of ordering online through www.Whimsical-World.com using your school’s unique code to track orders as well as receive a 10% discount. Once all order forms are collected, they can be mailed to Whimsical World at PO Box 241442, Los Angeles, CA. 90024.
  7.    RECEIVE YOUR BOOKS. Once all online and mailed orders are received, the books will be signed, personalized, and shipped directly to your school, marked appropriately for the students who ordered them. The books will be shipped together to your school and can be distributed to the students accordingly. We are also happy to sign books to the school if you order copies for your library.
  8.    RECEIVE YOUR FUNDS AND CELEBRATE! At the conclusion of the Book Club week (barring possible extensions), you will receive a donation for your portion of sales via check within two weeks of the final date. The percentage you will receive will be based on total number of books ordered by your school:
1-49 items:     10% of total sales donated to the school.
50-99 items:     15% of total sales donated to the school.
100+ items:     20% of total sales donated to the school.

You will receive a detailed accounting along with our donation back to your school.

That’s all there is to it! Email us at info@WhimsicalWorldBooks.com to schedule your Whimsical World Book Club week, book a virtual author visit, and request your special discount code and order forms.

We look forward to creating a memorable and magical experience that will inspire and empower your students to fall in love with reading in a new, exciting way!

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