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The Little Firefly by Sheri Fink

The Little Firefly is an enchanting tale about a late-blooming firefly who can’t wait to be all grown up. When all the other fireflies are glowing except for the Little Firefly, she discovers that true friends will love and support her just the way she is. This charming story helps kids learn about love, friendship, and acceptance.

The Little Firefly won the Silver Medal in the 2014 Readers Favorite International Book Awards and received the Gold Mom’s Choice Award.

Themes include: Shyness, Popularity, Growing Up, Maturity, Love, Acceptance, Tolerance, Friendship, Sports

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Best Children’s Book Cover Award, The Little Firefly, 2017 indieBRAG Awards

Silver Medal, The Little Firefly, 2014 Readers Favorite International Book Awards Best Children’s Fable

Gold Mom’s Choice Award, The Little Series of children’s books by Sheri Fink won top honor as one of the best family friendly book series, 2013

Honorable Mention, The Little Firefly, Paris Book Festival 2014

Story Monster Approved Book Worth Devouring, The Little Firefly, 2014

B.R.A.G. Medallion, The Little Firefly was recognized as one of the best indie children’s books of 2014

The Little Firefly by Sheri Fink

Sheri Fink’s book, The Little Firefly, is a heartwarming tale that will teach children that they will all grow up and have their chance to shine in their own unique time. It is also a story that shows that even if you are different or slower to develop than others, those who love you will support and care for you no matter what. I highly recommend adding this book to any child s library and think it would be an excellent tale to share in elementary classrooms. –Readers Favorite

The Little Firefly is a delight to read. With vivid color and character animation that brings the story alive, the reader is quickly drawn into a connection with the Little Firefly. Sheri Fink is very creative in her style of bringing lessons of self-esteem, friendship and acceptance to children of all ages who will learn that growing up is all in their own time. –Robynn McCann

“The Whimsical World of Sheri Fink children’s brand is an excellent resource for award-winning and quality children’s books that encourage actions of tolerance, acceptance, and, perhaps the hardest lesson to be learned of all, staying true to the core of one’s self.” –Jack Canfield, co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul & NYT Best-selling author of The Success Principles

We love this book! We have read this book dozens of times in our household. My kids keep requesting it! The little firefly encourages us to talk about how we grow when we are supposed to and that our differences make us who we are. Thanks, Sheri Fink, for another GREAT story! –Amazon Customer

I just finished reading The Little Firefly and was not at all surprised to find it just delightful! The magical images beautifully compliment the unfolding story of the little firefly who wants to grow up in a hurry. The Little Firefly is a gift to parents struggling to reassure their children that everyone grows up at their own pace -and most importantly, that they are loved and accepted just the way they are! –Carol Henault, Executive Director of Reading is Fundamental Southern California

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