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The Little Unicorn by Sheri Fink


The Little Unicorn lives in an enchanted forest powered by the magic of her inner sparkle. When she begins to doubt herself, the magic within her and her surroundings begins to disappear. She sets off on a journey to save the forest by rediscovering her sparkle, only to find it in the place she least expects. This heartwarming story helps kids realize that we all have an inner sparkle, and we all can create magic when we believe in ourselves.

Themes include: empowerment, self-doubt, courage, confidence, friendship, tolerance, kindness, inner strength

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  • Selected as one of the Top 10 Books for Young Readers in 2018 – Conversations Magazine
The Little Unicorn by Sheri Fink

“The Little Unicorn is unreservedly recommended for family, preschool, elementary school, and community library picture book collections. The Little Unicorn will help young children realize that we all have an inner sparkle, and that we can all create magic when we believe in ourselves.” ~ Midwest Book Review, Children’s Bookwatch Magazine

“It’s not often that I find a children’s book with so much appeal. The Little Unicorn is a refreshing, delightful tale of a unicorn who wanders off to an unknown area of the forest and isn’t sure if she will ever find her way back home again. The more worried and sad she becomes, the more she loses her sparkle and even the colors in her mane begin to fade. After finding her way back home and seeing her friend, the little fairy, she finds her sparkle again through the power of love and believing in herself. Such a great concept that can be applied to any child’s life. And what child doesn’t love unicorns and fairies! Numerous small concepts are introduced, like venturing into places she was told not to explore and learning that bad things can happen. I loved when the little fairy tried to console the little unicorn by saying “Don’t worry, we’ll always have each other, and friendship is its own kind of magic.”

Sheri Fink has created a story that young children will love, and parents will love reading it as well. This would be a fantastic bedtime story, leaving the young child with visions of unicorns, rainbows, flowers and all things lovely as they drift off into sleep. And while I’m on the subject of “visions”, I must comment on the beautiful, colorful illustrations in this book. Lynx Animation Studios definitely deserves a note of appreciation from this reader. These lovely pictures will certainly make my granddaughter smile. This beautifully written book even made me smile.” ~ Scherry Jenkins for Readers Favorite

“The Little Unicorn is a story of self worth, confidence, gratitude, friendship, and kindness. I don’t know how so many little lessons ended up in one little children’s book, but they did. The lesson of finding gratitude in even the simplest ways really stuck out to me as a parent. In this world of Amazon Prime and Netflix, our children don’t have needs for very long. They are filled in two days with free shipping. With so much to be thankful for, we don’t seem to have much gratitude. This story helped open that discussion and I loved that! Go read and follow along as the Little Unicorn finds her sparkle again, and see what lesson sticks out most for you and your family!” ~ MaraMarie_Reads

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